About Jonathan Alsheimer

Jonathan Alsheimer is the unorthodox, energetic, and entertaining middle school teacher who refuses to live a life of limitations and works with UFC fighters, celebrities, and clothing brands.  Jonathan is the author of “Next Level Teaching,” published by Dave Burgess Consulting and soon to be released in 2020.

As a passionate educator and national keynote speaker, Jonathan Alsheimer will present on the limitless possibilities of teachers as a driving force impacting an infectious classroom and school culture.  Next Level Teaching is about every teacher bringing their unique flair to better their school every single day.  Going NEXT LEVEL engaging your students, establishing community partnerships, building powerful relationships, and always striving to be “that teacher” that your students remember!

Jonathan Alsheimer also speaks to students about overcoming adversity, giving maximum effort, respecting each other and adults, and striving to make an impact on their schools in a session entitled “NEXT LEVEL IMPACT!”

Jonathan, teaches and works with the world-renowned “Relentless” principal Hamish Brewer in Northern Virginia at a school which became famous for two documentaries “Relentless” and “Relentless: Chasing Accreditation” showing the complete turn-around of a former failing school.  Jonathan was the teacher featured in “Relentless: Chasing Accreditation,” who forged a partnership with UFC fighter and light-weight contender Paul Felder to bring a message of never giving up, fighting for your education, and empowering the students to believe in themselves, all principles that Jonathan promotes in his classroom.

Jonathan Alsheimer also partnered with Fear the Fighter, MMA clothing brand to establish a stop-bullying campaign with “Relentless” principal Hamish Brewer.  Jonathan Alsheimer didn’t stop there and established and formed a relationship with Chris “Drama” Pfaff, MTV reality star and CEO of Young and Reckless to bring clothing to his “students in need,” and worked to buil student leaders in his school.

As Jonathan always says, “Game-changing is not a cliché motto; it is a way of life… some talk about it while others live by it!”

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