Next Level Teaching – Book Summary


Next Level Teaching offers a heartfelt and inspirational call-to-arms to all educators to go beyond expectations and become the teacher that transforms the lives of students. This book highlights the importance of reaching students where they are and speaks to the need for teachers to provide much more than just academics when students arrive at school each day. 


Principals crave inspirational leaders in their schools. They want teachers searching for ways to improve and perfect their craft. If you are looking to engage your students and change the culture at your school, Next Level Teaching offers a powerful vision for transforming the actions of educators both inside and outside the classroom.

Written for teachers not satisfied with being average and unwilling to settle for the status quo in education, Next Level Teaching shows you how to direct your energy and love of learning to enrich your classroom practice, motivate your colleagues, and win the hearts and minds of the entire school. Jonathan Alsheimer explains how you can cultivate positive relationships and develop engaging lessons to inspire students and administrators alike and be “that teacher” taking your classroom and school to the NEXT LEVEL!

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