Next Level Teaching – Book Summary


Next Level Teaching offers a heartfelt and inspirational call-to-arms to all educators to go beyond expectations and become the teacher that transforms the lives of students. This book highlights the importance of reaching students where they are and speaks to the need for teachers to provide much more than just academics when students arrive at school each day. 


Principals crave inspirational leaders in their schools. They want teachers searching for ways to improve and perfect their craft. If you are looking to engage your students and change the culture at your school, Next Level Teaching offers a powerful vision for transforming the actions of educators both inside and outside the classroom.

Written for teachers not satisfied with being average and unwilling to settle for the status quo in education, Next Level Teaching shows you how to direct your energy and love of learning to enrich your classroom practice, motivate your colleagues, and win the hearts and minds of the entire school. Jonathan Alsheimer explains how you can cultivate positive relationships and develop engaging lessons to inspire students and administrators alike and be “that teacher” taking your classroom and school to the NEXT LEVEL!

Jonathan Alsheimer Speech Topics

Be a Next Level Teacher

1 hour keynote session for educational conferences, professional development, and staff development. “Next Level Teaching,” also the title of of his upcoming book which shows how every teacher can bring their unique flair to better their classroom and school every single day! Too often teachers believe that culture and climate stop at the threshold of their principals’ door, however, teachers have an incredible influence and ability to create a wave of positive impact on the outcomes in the classroom AND school environment.

Going the NEXT LEVEL engaging your students, establishing community partnerships, building powerful relationships, and creating an infectious classroom and school atmosphere!

That Teacher

1 hour keynote session for educational conferences, professional development, and staff development. “That Teacher,” is an inspiring message where Jonathan Alsheimer reminds educators about their “why” in education. “Die with memories not dreams,” and don’t look back wondering what you could have accomplished but reclaim the motivation that created a passionate desire to make an impact on the world. No matter if you loved school or hated school you always remember “That Teacher,” who made a difference in your life. In this session, Jonathan Alsheimer motivates educators to reignite that flame to be “That Teacher,” that they needed when they were younger!

Next Level Leaders: Insights from a Next Level Teacher

1 hour keynote session for Leaders and Administrators at educational conferences, leadership professional development events, and leadership retreats.

The lessons from a “Next Level Teacher,” shows how a leader can utilize their teachers to transform the climate and culture of their school which will bring high energy, engagement, and rigor into the classroom.

Every leader has the potential to be as impactful on the students lives as the teacher, Jonathan will bring this to life and refuel your leaders to step back into the school ready to lead to the NEXT LEVEL!

Next Level Impact – Student Session

1 hour session for student assembly audiences. “Next Level Impact,” is about how students can make a greater impact on their schools, their peers, and their lives through maximum effort, building relationships, overcoming adversity, and focusing on their ability to make an impact.

Students will be motivated and inspired to take their education and their life to new heights. A message aimed to motivate students to work harder, take care of one another and their teachers, get involved in their schools, and look for ways to make a positive impact on the people around them!

Don’t just talk about change but show them how to become leaders!

About Jonathan Alsheimer

Jonathan Alsheimer is the unorthodox, energetic, and entertaining middle school teacher who refuses to live a life of limitations and works with UFC fighters, celebrities, and clothing brands.  Jonathan is the author of “Next Level Teaching,” published by Dave Burgess Consulting and soon to be released in 2020.

As a passionate educator and national keynote speaker, Jonathan Alsheimer will present on the limitless possibilities of teachers as a driving force impacting an infectious classroom and school culture.  Next Level Teaching is about every teacher bringing their unique flair to better their school every single day.  Going NEXT LEVEL engaging your students, establishing community partnerships, building powerful relationships, and always striving to be “that teacher” that your students remember!

Jonathan Alsheimer also speaks to students about overcoming adversity, giving maximum effort, respecting each other and adults, and striving to make an impact on their schools in a session entitled “NEXT LEVEL IMPACT!”

Jonathan, teaches and works with the world-renowned “Relentless” principal Hamish Brewer in Northern Virginia at a school which became famous for two documentaries “Relentless” and “Relentless: Chasing Accreditation” showing the complete turn-around of a former failing school.  Jonathan was the teacher featured in “Relentless: Chasing Accreditation,” who forged a partnership with UFC fighter and light-weight contender Paul Felder to bring a message of never giving up, fighting for your education, and empowering the students to believe in themselves, all principles that Jonathan promotes in his classroom.

Jonathan Alsheimer also partnered with Fear the Fighter, MMA clothing brand to establish a stop-bullying campaign with “Relentless” principal Hamish Brewer.  Jonathan Alsheimer didn’t stop there and established and formed a relationship with Chris “Drama” Pfaff, MTV reality star and CEO of Young and Reckless to bring clothing to his “students in need,” and worked to buil student leaders in his school.

As Jonathan always says, “Game-changing is not a cliché motto; it is a way of life… some talk about it while others live by it!”